Saturday, February 7, 2009

Atlantica Online Overview

Like the saying goes, "Atlantica Online is probably one of the best MMORPG out there that you never heard of" and it is probably true. With tons of good online RPGs out there like World of Warcraft, Everquest2, Warhammer Online, Guild Wars, City of Heroes/Villains and many more it is hard to notice this shinny little gem. If you delve deeper into the game though and you like micro management, you will find Atlantica Online to be rewarding.

Here are some features of the game.

* Fantasy Setting: set in an alternate Earth.
* Strategic Turn Base: Similar to Final Fantasy or Breath of Fire in Nintendo Console games.
* Combat is turn base and there is a 20 seconds timer.
* Free to Play but has an Item Mall option in which you can buy items using real cash.
* You can have tactical control of up to 9 characters at same time.
* You can own up to 19 characters total.
* Maximum level is 120.

To learn more about the game I provided some useful links below.

Official Atlantica Online Website
Official Atlantica Forums
Atlantica Online Wiki
Atlantica Online Players

Be sure to check out the game and come back here for strategies and tips.

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