Saturday, February 7, 2009

Part 1: Atlantica Online Leveling for the Lazy Gamer

LEVELING 1-30 in less than 4 hours.

Leveling up to level 120 in Atlantica Online is not an easy feat. Up to this current date, there is no one yet who reached the max level. When my main character in Argos had reached level 83, I decided to create another account and level it at my own leisure and without much work. Luckily I have a second computer so I can play my main account and level my other account painlessly.

The leveling method I use though is easy but expensive. It's not the only way to level a toon in Atlantica though but it is the most practical for me. I will need a lot of gold and my main character even at that level can barely afford to have decent gears so it cannot twink my new account.

To cut it short, I decided to buy gold which is cheap. You can buy yours at any website out there but I bought mine from a reliable source and will let you know about the site upon request. It is convenient for me since they are US based and have real US business address and contact number.

Let's get on with the method. First you need around 5 million gold.

I created my new character which is a staff class.

Finish the tutorial and select a starting area. I selected Sapporo since I am at home there. Be sure you are level 3 so you can access the market place before running towards the nearest town. If you are not level 3, go get some more XP. The fastest way to do it is to let your main character do the killing blow during combat. As you can see in the picture below, I have 3 more mercenaries with me.

Now I am in the town of Sapporo and picked up my gold in the mail. Once you are in town, click on the TOWN icon and select MARKET. As you can see below, I searched for the "golden tusk". I am lucky that they are cheap on this server. On other servers they go as high as 70,000 gold each so the initial 5 million gold might not be enough.

I initially purchased 120 Golden Tusk but we need around 200 to make it to level 30. After using the Golden Tusk 10 times, I am already level 13. It took me around 10 minutes to do it.

Below are some facts about this particular leveling guide.

* This is not the only way to level in Atlantica Online.
* Level 1-30 needs around 199,869 XP.
* You going to reach level 30 in around 200+ minutes or less than 4 hours.
* We need around 200 Golden Tusk.
* One (1) golden tusk gives 1,000 XP.
* You can use a golden tusk by right clicking it.
* Make sure that your main character is the one using the Golden Tusk.
* You can only use a golden tusk if you have 10% WILL.
* You can have 1 WILL every 6 seconds or 10 WILL in one minute.

As you can see below, I reached level 30. I have 6 additional mercenaries. I have a heavy Spearman build but this particular selection is for another blog. I see most gold farmers using Spearman builds so I will give you insights about that at a later date.

If you haven't noticed yet, all your other mercs are lowbies and your main character is the only one that reached level 30. Don't worry about that though, I'm gonna show you how to level them LAZILY in my next blog.

I know clicking a Golden Tusk every minute is painfully boring thing to do. Instead spam click the Golden Tusks every 10 minutes or 100% WILL so you can click 10 of them and then do something else. This leveling method is ideal if you are busy with other things like watching TV, fighting with your wife, playing other games, having multiple computers or sneaking at work since you don't have to focus much in the game. I did level my other toon while waiting in PvP Free League queue. I had an alarm clock set to ring every 10 minutes :).

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  1. what US site did you get the gold from?

  2. Yes, I'm curious to know where you purchased the gold too.

  3. lol noob if u guys want easy xp then go do titel i recomend the enegizer make u lvl 35 and ur merc too u only need 500 eels it will be 5mil at the market

  4. fail attempt to cover up name

  5. waht is the point to play a game when you buy gold from website.. Epic Fail.